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Real-estate and travel are a very expensive part of your businesses running costs. Video conferencing helps you eliminate those costs in two ways. Firstly, it reduces the need for you or your staff to have to travel to meetings whether you are going to your branches or seeing clients/suppliers. This not only saves you the cost of travel but more importantly saves you time! Secondly, staff working from home is becoming more of a reality every day. With the ability to dial into office meetings as well as Video conference other staff that are either at their homes or at the office working from home has become easy. This not only saves you floor space but saves your staff time and money and is a great perk for valuable staff that you don’t want to see leave your employment.


Fortunately the costs of having these valuable features in your business have massively come down in price too and because we are not bound to any specific product, we are able to find the best solution to fit your pocket. You can choose from Cloud based VC solutions like Starleaf or Zoom, the more traditional options like Cisco or Polycom or just a basic webcam type solution using google apps or Skype for business and many more.


You can contact us for pricing on the software, equipment, design and even the internet connectivity for you and your staff.

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