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Onsite backups:

Backups are more important than any other IT related issue. Lamont IT has learnt that without proper management, test restore and rotation, the odds of failure are very high and so we advise our clients to let us do the monitoring. Apart from getting email reports we physically change the Tape/Drives ourselves but only after testing that the backup worked and can be restored from.


Offsite backups:

Lamont IT believes in at least two forms of backups especially for important data like your accounts! Too many times people have relied on their backups and been let down. Our offsite backup software alerts you daily that your data backup was successful and only backups changes.

Your data is encrypted with a 256 bit military-grade encryption and is replicated between two locations for fail-over, so your offsite backups will be secure and safe. Just install, set and forget and your new data is quietly copied offsite and backed up every day.  We support Windows, MacOS, Linux, Plugins for Exchange/Outlook/MS-SQL,MySQL/Oracle etc.  From as low as R1,20/GB per month you can’t go wrong.