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Stable power is a huge issue in South Africa and an increasing cost globally. Not only does your company come to a standstill when you have no power but there is often damage when the power goes off. Lamont Information Technology is able to create a solution that fits your company’s specific needs by combining some of the following services that we offer.
UPS power can prevent damage caused by any of the following things

  • Power surges
  • Power failures
  • Switching from normal power to generator power

Whether you want individual UPS’s at each device or 1 UPS running your whole office we have a solution for you.
Generator Power:
Most buildings have Generator power in today’s world as they have realized that the loss of work caused by power outages far outweighs the cost of a generator.
Solar Power:
Solar power might come at a cost initially but saves you money in the long term, most people feel that a big cost of solar is the batteries which have to be replaced every 5 years or so but forget that apart from the batteries getting better and better you actually don’t even need them, Offices use 90% of their electricity during the day when the sun is all too willing to power your office and should you be short of power you always have Eskom as a backup.